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Methane Migration

Methane Migration Investigations

The Bigler Boyz Enviro methane migration investigations are all run in accordance with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Gas Mitigation Response code (25 Pa. Code § 78.89).

Our comprehensive methane migration investigation includes:

  • Isotope Sampling
  • 48 Hour Annulus Pressure Testing
  • Development of Personalized Monitoring Plan
  • Lower Explosive Limit Screening (LEL Screening)

Should gas migration be confirmed we will continue with a 2500’ purveyor stray gas monitoring step and provide you with suggested treatment options.

All Bigler Boyz Enviro methan migration investigations include a closing report by a Pennsylvania Registered Professional Geologist!

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What is Methane Migration?

Methane migration refers to the process of methane gas deposits migrating from deep underground to the surface. Methane migration leads to methane-polluted drinking water, flammable faucets, and more environmental concerns.

Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is often used as a means to access natural gas reserves in Pennsylvania. One of the potential hazards of this fracking is methane migration. While methane deposits will naturally move to the surface over centuries, the fracking process accelerates the process.

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