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Underground Storage Tank Removal

Do you need to remove an underground storage tank from your property? The team at Bigler Boyz Enviro will handle everything from A to Z! We can help you remove underground oil tanks, underground fuel storage tanks, and underground storage tanks that are no longer in use or have an expired life cycle.

Having a dormant underground tank can lead to environmental concerns as the longer they stay underground, the higher the chance of a leak which will contaminate the surrounding soil. Bigler Boyz Enviro has the training to safely remove your underground storage tank. We will handle everything from the site prep all the way to the tank disposal!

Make removing your underground storage tank a breeze with the team at Bigler Boyz Enviro!

Call 814-857-5004 to reach out Underground Storage Tank Removal team!

Underground Tank Removal Process

  1. Obtain all permits
  2. Excavation to gain access to the tank.
  3. Empty all oil/water from the tank.
  4. Clean out all residue from the tank.
  5. Remove tank, copper lines, filters, etc.
  6. Safety check: ensure no leaks and report should any signs of a leak be observed
  7. Take soil samples.
  8. Should we find signs of contamination, remove all contaminated soil
  9. Backfill the excavated area.
  10. Tank Disposal
  11. Soil Sample Report

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