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Hydro Excavation Services

Hydro Excavation Company Near Me

The Bigler Boyz Enviro hydro excavation service is typically used for locating underground utilities without the risk of damage resulting from conventional excavation equipment. By using a super sucker vacuum truck and water jet nozzle, non-destructive excavation of sensitive areas can be completed.

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What is hydro excavation?

Hydro excavation offers an alternative to commonly used mechanical excavation tools. Instead of using mechanical instruments, the technique creates a dirt slurry using pressurized water. The slurry can then be vacuumed away by specialized vacuum trucks, revealing deeper layers of the ground below.

What are the benefits of Hydro Excavation

4 Season Usage

Hot water hydrovac systems can be used to heat up frozen soil allowing your project to move forward even on the coldest days.

Low Risk of Damage

By avoiding the issue of large metal equipment to scoop up dirt, you’re significantly reducing the risk of damaging any underground wires or pipes.


The use of handheld pressurized wands help direct the stream of water exactly where you need it to go. This is ideal for working in defined spaces and tight quarters. The easy maneuverability of the wands allow minimal disruption to the environment.

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