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Absorbent Materials

Absorbent Materials

Bigler Boyz Enviro, Inc. is an authorized distributor of absorbent materials and supplies. Our trained and experienced staff uses these products on a regular basis, having the necessary experience to select the right product for your needs. Below are some of the common items:

Oil Only Absorbent Pads 15"x18" (100/pk)

Oil Only Absorbent Socks 3"x4' (30/pk)

Oil Only Absorbent Booms 4"x10' (4/pk)

Oil Only Absorbent Booms 5"x10' (4/pk)

Universal Absorbent Pads 15"x18" (100/pk)

Universal Absorbent Socks 3"x4' (30/pk)

Oil Only & Universal Spill Kits